lex-small24Alexandra started classical singing lessons at school in Kent at the age of six where her talent was spotted early on and soon she became Head Chorister of the renowned Chapel Choir. The Chapel Choir was invited to sing at prestigious events all over Britain and abroad, including Cathedrals in Canterbury and Paris.

Alexandra went on to train in Musical Theatre with Stagecoach, singing at the Queens Royal Jubilee, several performances on television and taking challenging roles such as Roxy in “Chicago” and Nancy in “Oliver”. Alexandra won a final place in a search for Kent’s best singer, performing at the Maidstone River Festival and on the local radio.

Alexandra achieved her Grade 8 singing with Distinction at a young age and was invited to continue her studying to be awarded a Diploma. Alexandra’s audio showcases her over three-octave range and with a naturally high tessitura she is known for hitting the high notes with natural dexterity and ease. Her tone is recognisable and original with the ability to achieve a light, pure tone or a soulful, deep resonance, just two examples of the many sound qualities Alexandra can create.

Being a musical ‘chameleon’ Jazz singing came instinctively to Alexandra, she started singing with a Jazz Band at school and it sparked her interest for this expressive style; the Jazz songs she performs are creative with her own interpretation.

Alexandra is a keen advocate of charities and has supported and performed at many different charity events over the UK and abroad, including a ‘Magic of the Musicals’ concert for The Rotary Club at the Municipal Theatre in Funchal, Madeira and a ‘night of Jazz’ at the popular French-style restaurant chain Café Rouge in aid of The Rainbow Trust.

Alexandra has performed with some renowned musicians including Ronnie Scott Saxophonist, Mornington Lockett and the talented Classical Guitarist, Andrew Keeping.

Music is Alexandra’s passion and drive and she sings with an intimate knowledge and love for the music she performs.